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Most states are part of a Driver License Compact. This agreement involves the participating states reporting traffic violations on a national database. This database is called the National Driver Register, and it is viewable by all the states that are part of the interstate compact. A person who lives out of state who is arrested for DUI in Florida will have that offense reported to the register and will face license suspension in their home state until all of the penalties in Florida have been completed.

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If you get a DUI in Florida, and you live out of state, be prepared for additional hurtles in completing the required DUI sanctions. The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger has defended many individuals who live outside of Florida against drunk driving charges. These cases are often complicated and require coordination between Florida and the home state. Consultation with the Florida Bureau of Administrative reviews in often necessary.

If you are charged with intoxicated driving in Florida but reside in another state, it is crucial that you contact a Tampa DUI lawyer to address your charges. With the help of our experienced legal team, you may be able to avoid license suspension or revocation and other penalties in your home state. We act quickly to take action to help you to avoid having to appear in Tampa, and in many cases we seek to get the charges dismissed or reduced. Early involvement in the case is critical if you hope to avoid conviction and potential jail time, fines and other penalties.

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With so much at stake, it is to your benefit to hire a criminal attorney that can bring their skill and knowledge to the defense of your case. The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger is an experienced law firm that has helped hundreds of individuals in their DUI cases. We provide a high level of service to each client and understand how important the outcome of the case is to the accused. We address the case with skill and give it the priority attention and focus needed for out of state clients. If you have been charged with drunk driving while visiting Florida, contact a Tampa DUI attorney as soon as possible for professional legal help in your case.

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