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Escalated Drunk Driving Charges in Florida

While most intoxicated driving offenses in the state of Florida are charged as misdemeanors, certain offenses are classified as felonies under state law. A simple DUI charge is escalated into a felony charge when one or more of the following aggravating factors are present:

  • The DUI results in serious bodily to another
  • The DUI results in a fatal accident
  • It is the third DUI conviction within 10 years of the last DUI
  • It is the fourth DUI conviction within any period of time

The penalties for felony DUI can be very serious, and include steep fines, license revocation, and jail or prison time. They can also include the fitting of an ignition interlock device to one's vehicle, which is a device that one must blow into to register their blood alcohol content (BAC) before the car will start. If you have been arrested for felony DUI, contact a Tampa DUI defense attorney right away, as you may be facing harsh penalties. Our team at The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger can provide you with legal help that may result in your charges being reduced to a misdemeanor, or dismissed entirely.

Charged with felony DUI in Tampa?

Attorney Timothy Hessinger has extensive experience, including serving as a prosecutor with the State Attorney's Office for 15 years. We utilize this experience to its fullest extent in every case we handle, so that we can give our clients the best chance of obtaining a successful outcome. We are well versed in all manner of drunk driving cases, from those that involve felony DUI to those involving vehicular manslaughter.

Get in touch with our offices today about your DUI charges so we can evaluate your case and advise you how our defense will proceed. Contact a Tampa Felony DUI lawyer if you have been charged and are in need of experienced legal representation right away.

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