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Commercial Drivers and DUI in Florida

Commercial drivers face the potential of an arrest with a much lower blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level than those with a regular license. If you register at .04% or above, you are exceeding the legal limit in our state. If you have bene accused of a CDL DUI or CMV DUI, it is critical that you have a high quality, experienced and aggressive Tampa DUI defense lawyer in order to help you fight to avoid conviction.

CDL DUI Penalties

Those who have CDL's and operate commercial vehicles in our state face specific challenges with regard to being accused of drunk driving. Not only could they face severe penalties, they are likely to lose their ability to make a living as a driver. Most commercial driving jobs do not employ people with a DUI on their record; a conviction also leads to a suspended license, making it impossible to work as a professional driver.

Any CDL DUI or CMV DUI conviction will result in the accused river losing their CDL for 1 year, in addition to fines and other ramifications. A person convicted of a second CDL DUI offense will have their CDL permanently revoked. If you are facing this dangerous situation, we urge you to contact our firm immediately after your arrest, as early involvement could lead to a fast and positive resolution in your case.

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The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger has more than two decades of legal experience and has defended DUI cases of all types, from those involving CDL DUI to those that involve commercial drivers and drugs. Our mission is to protect your rights, fight to defend you and to use Attorney Hessinger's extensive experience as a former prosecutor to take early action in your case and help you fight to avoid conviction. Contact a Tampa CDL DUI attorney as soon after the arrest as possible to ensure your rights are protected and to fight to retain your commercial license!

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