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The emergence of the internet has led to the development of a whole new class of crimes and offenses that did not exist previously. Unlike physical crimes, such a theft or assault, an internet crime does not require a physical presence. Most crimes take place in a virtual world and actual contact may never take place. This means that investigators and prosecutors often have to rely upon circumstantial evidence to establish critical elements of the charge, including identification of the user.

Child Pornography Charges

In cases involving the electronic transmission of sexually explicit material where the recipient is a minor, the user may be facing severe penalties if the State has gathered sufficient proof to proceed with the filing of formal charges. Photographs or short video clips of such material could lead to charges punishable by years in the State prison system, and which may also include a sex offender brand as a collateral consequence of the plea. Enticing a minor to travel, via electronic correspondence, for purposes of engaging in sexual behavior is another type of offense that can result in extremely harsh sanctions if the accused person is convicted.

Internet crimes are not limited to those that may be described as "sexually motivated"; they also include theft related offenses where, for example, the credit or debit card of another is utilized to purchase items or transfer funds with a fraudulent intent. For a more detailed list of Internet Crimes, see below.

Types of Internet Crimes

Internet crimes can be quite varied and cover a surprising number of activities. At The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger we have defended clients against many computer and internet crimes such as:

  • Sex crimes, including child abuse or sexual solicitation
  • Identity theft or fraud
  • Credit card fraud
  • Computer fraud, also called cyber fraud
  • Obtaining of confidential information under false pretenses
  • Human trafficking
  • The sale or distribution of pirated goods such as software, music or video games
  • Hacking and virus distribution

These crimes are not dealt with lightly simply because they took place over the internet. Your Tampa criminal defense attorney must be able to identify where the potential weaknesses lie, which usually requires a solid grasp of both legal and technical elements.

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As a former prosecutor, Attorney Tim Hessinger knows how these cases are "built" and knows how to look for ways to take them apart. Early intervention by a Tampa criminal defense attorney could result in the State either dropping the charge, or in filing a less severe charge that doesn't carry the same devastating penalties that may otherwise apply. You could be facing very serious consequences if convicted. Do not wait to contact a Tampa internet crime lawyer from our skilled team today to learn more about your defense options!

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