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Solicitation Arrest in Tampa

A solicitation arrest usually results from a prostitution sting operation with an undercover police officer. An individual charged with solicitation sex crime can face embarrassment and humiliation. A solicitation charge is serious and requires a good legal defense. An individual arrested and charged with the crime of solicitation should contact a Tampa sex crime attorney for legal advice and guidance through the legal system.

The accused should speak with a lawyer before talking with law enforcement and should avoid incriminating statements. Tim Hessinger is a former state prosecutor and has extensive experience in defending all aspects of sex crime cases and the charge of solicitation.

Penalties for Solicitation

An arrest for solicitation may be the outcome of association with an escort or massage service. A conviction of a solicitation crime is serious and can have life changing consequences. Common solicitation conviction penalties are jail time, fees and fines, probation, mandatory AIDS classes, and mandatory HIV testing. Sentencing may include court ordered counseling and rehabilitation. Community service may also be a part of the sentencing. An offender who holds certain licenses or has a job with security clearance may lose the employment. The circumstances of the commission of the crime determine the severity of the sentence. The involvement of minors and any prior offenses would increase the penalties.

A skilled defense attorney can attack the evidence presented by a prosecutor. Possible defense could include challenging the initial contact, the arrest, any decoy officer, the behavior of the officer, the taping quality and technique. The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger aggressively defend the rights and freedoms of their clients. A sex crime conviction can have life changing affects. The goal of the attorney at our form is to provide effective defense counsel resulting in the lessening of solicitation charges or complete elimination of the charges. It is important to make an appointment today for a consultation regarding solicitation charges.

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