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Prostitution and Solicitation Charges

Prostitution involves the exchange of sexual services for money or the agreement to exchange sexual services for money. Solicitation is the offering of money for sexual services. Police officers often engage in "sting operations" and pose as prostitutes or potential customers. Innocent individuals are sometimes mistakenly arrested when they jokingly agree to take part in sexual activity for payment. Prosecutors must show evidence that an agreement was reached or that an offer of payment was made in an attempt to solicit sexual services.

During a sting operation police officers very often record conversations to gain evidence however a recording may not clearly show the joking nature of the conversation. If a minor is involved in prostitution the penalties can be severe. Whatever the charges against you or the circumstances of your arrest you need to consult a Tampa sex crime defense attorney quickly.

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With the advent of the internet many offers of escort services are available. Although these are not always offers of prostitution police often use undercover tactics to investigate. In this case an innocent person may be accused of prostitution or soliciting prostitution by an undercover officer posing as an escort or a customer. An experienced sex crime defense lawyer will inquire into the methods used by the police.

A thorough examination of police methods is necessary to determine if there was entrapment or if you were informed of your Miranda Rights before interrogation and what evidence they have against you. Where rights are violated or evidence is weak your attorney may prevent the filing of any charge against you.

When your professional reputation and standing in the community is at stake it is important to work with a legal team which has an extensive background in criminal prosecution as well as defense. You have the right to a defense and to be represented by a talented sex crime defense lawyer. Call The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger for a consultation concerning your circumstances and possible avenues of defense.

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