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What if I was falsely accused of a sex crime?
This is far more common than you can imagine. In cases in which a consensual act was reported to law enforcement as a sexual assault, the danger to the accused is very serious. In fact, being innocent of the accusation is not enough to ensure that you will be exonerated. If the prosecutor believes there is enough evidence to convict you, you are in danger of going to jail or prison for a crime you didn't commit. It is critical that you have tough and experienced Tampa sex crime attorney to fight for your defense. There are many innocent people in prison today; take action to make sure you aren't one of them.

How do I choose an attorney if accused of a sex crime?
It is strongly advised that you contact The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger if you are accused of a sex crime as our firm has a history of successfully defending many serious criminal cases. We are aggressive and energetic in our defense of our clients and immediately initiate the actions that could lead to a case dismissal, reduced charges or an acquittal. Your best interests will always be our top priority, and you will be treated with the respect you deserve as a client. Our firm assists clients in all types of sex crime cases, including Sex with a Minor, Sexual Abuse, Prostitution, Child Abuse, Solicitation, Sexual Assault, Rape, Indecent Exposure, Internet Sex Crimes, Spousal Rape and others.

What is the Sex Offender Registry?
Our state requires registration on the registry for most sex crimes. This includes registering your current address among other information that can be accessed over the internet by those who are potential neighbors, employers, relationship partners and others. Some sex crimes, when convicted, will require registration for life. It is critical to understand your rights and what can be done if you are concerned about this situation. We are prepared to assist our clients by aggressively defending them in court and fighting to avoid a conviction and the subsequent requirement to register.

When should I hire an attorney?
Never, ever answer any questions from law enforcement or any other investigative unit without first getting an attorney from our firm to protect your rights. In fact, there are frequently actions that can be taken prior to being formally charged that can lead to a better outcome on your case. As soon as you have been arrested, contact our office. If you suspect that you are under investigation in a sex crime case, don't wait until an arrest to get an attorney, we urge you to call us at once to move to help you avoid an arrest.

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