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Charged with Sexual Offenses in Tampa

There are many reasons why one would require the services and skills of a Tampa sex crimes defense lawyer. Not the least of these is the seriousness of the consequences of a conviction. Most every sexual offense is going to be tried at a felony level. Felonies are serious crimes which call for minimum sentences of one year in prison. Under Florida law sexual offenses are treated quite harshly and for the most part the courts are not allowed much leeway in sentencing. This means that conviction will carry mandatory sentencing and in most cases the minimum is three years.

Even after an individual is released they will be labeled as sex offenders. This means that they must register with government agencies wherever they choose to reside and provide tremendous amounts of personal information which can be readily accessed by the public. One's reputation and social standing can suffer for years and years to come, sometimes for life.

Hiring a Lawyer Who Knows Both Sides of the System

Not knowing what to do or how to tackle the charges will leave you at the mercy of the State Attorney's Office. Even if one had an understanding of the law or was a professional attorney it would be difficult to maintain a level head and a calm state of mind when faced with the tremendous weight of public disapproval, social pressures and the full force of the legal system.

Even more unlikely would be that an accused would have a working knowledge of how the legal system works. Attorney Timothy Hessinger is fortunate to have spent many years as a successful and respected prosecutor in the State Attorney's Office. This allowed us to gain invaluable insight as to how the legal system really works. It is not always a matter of filing papers or making legal motions. Decisions are certainly based upon the law but they are still made by people who follow certain processes. Knowing these gives us a tremendous advantage in preparing and carrying out your defense strategy.

For example, we have learned from our many years in the State Attorney's Office that the early stages after having been arrested can be the most fruitful for obtaining a dismissal of charges, a reduction in the charges or a beneficial plea bargain. Simply being arrested does not mean you have been formally charged. There is an opportunity to act if one acts quickly and knows what one is doing.

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