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Some of our clients reside out of state and are arrested while visiting the Tampa area. At The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger we recognize the overwhelming inconvenience and expense associated with making multiple trips to Florida for scheduled court dates. Under these circumstances, we waive our client's appearance in court by filing the appropriate pleadings, and appear on our client's behalf while working with the State Attorney's Office to bring the matter to resolution. We maintain regular contact with our out of state clients through mail, e-mail, facsimile, and phone conferences to keep them updated on the progress of their case.

The Benefits of Enlisting Experienced Defense in Tampa

Where the client has been charged with a felony, and upon reaching a negotiated resolution with the State, Mr. Hessinger advises the out of state client to return to Florida so that a plea can be entered. In cases involving a probationary sentence, arrangements are made through the Florida Department of Corrections to have the client's supervision transferred to his or her home state.

Where the client is charged with a misdemeanor, including DUI, we are often able to resolve the case without the client having to return to Florida, through a legal pleading called a "plea in abstentia." In cases involving a probationary sentence, the client is often times able to report to the Florida probation office by phone and by mail from his or her home state. In some situations, the State may be willing to amend felony charges to misdemeanor charges which would allow the client to resolve their matter through a PIA in lieu of returning to Florida to enter a plea in court.

For our clients who are PTI eligible (Pretrial Intervention is a program available for some first time offenders. If the person completes the program the charges dismissed), the process is handled in much the same way. In felony cases, we prepare the diversion application on our client's behalf and ensure that their supervision is transferred to their home state. In most misdemeanor cases, the client can report to their Florida PTI officer by mail and by phone.

We are at your service no matter what charges you face. Attorney Tim Hessinger is a veteran former prosecutor who will work diligently to put your criminal matter behind you. Contact a Tampa criminal defense attorney from our proven firm for legal guidance if you are an out-of-state resident and you have been charged with a crime in Florida.

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