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Florida Murder Charges Require Immediate Action

Every murder case is different; however, in almost all murder cases intensive upfront investigation is needed to make sure that all evidence that may be helpful to the defense is preserved. This may involve having additional witnesses located and interviewed. You cannot count on law enforcement to document evidence that is beneficial to the accused's case. Sometimes additional scientific testing is required and often scientific experts are needed to evaluate the evidence. Additionally, in almost all murder case it is important for the defense team to conduct an independent evaluation of the crime scene.

Every crime scene that is examined will provide additional information helpful to the defense. Pictures and video never tell the whole story. Nothing is better than having the client walk the defense team through the scene where the incident occurred. In self-defense cases it's very important that the defense team has a thorough understanding of Florida Stand Your Ground Law and the court opinions that have interpreted the statute.

If you or a family member have been arrested or are being investigated for murder, nothing can be more important than having an experienced and dedicated attorney fighting for you. At The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger, our Tampa criminal defense lawyer provides our clients with strategic defense and knowledgeable representation to protect their rights in the face of murder accusations.

Understanding Expert Witnesses in Murder Trials

Our defense team is often enhanced with experts that not only assist with evaluating the evidence associated with certain aspects of the case, but also testifying in court. The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger has established relationships with some of the best experts in the country that may be able to assist on your case. We only use the most respected and skilled experts on our cases. It's true that you can hire an expert to say anything. These experts have no place in the criminal system and always end up damaging your case. If your expert has no credibility - you have no credibility. All effort should be made to find the leading experts in the local area, or in the country if possible, to help defend you.

Enlist the Defense of an Experienced Criminal Lawyer in Tampa

Tim Hessinger was a prosecutor for 15 years and served in the Major Crime Unit for eight years. While in the Major Crime Division, Tim handled over 35 murder cases and many other high profile cases. Since leaving the State Attorneys' Office, Tim has effectively represented clients charged with murder and other serious criminal charges including sexual battery, robbery, trafficking in drugs, aggravated battery, and other violent offenses. Tim has tried over 130 jury trials.

Contact a Tampa criminal lawyer from The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger for powerful defense against cases involving the following situations: Justifiable Use of Deadly Force, Excusable Homicide, First Degree Murder, Felony Murder, Premeditated Murder, Second Degree Murder, Attempted Felony Murder, Manslaughter, Culpable Negligence, Third Degree Murder, Vehicular Homicide, Vessel Homicide, Assisting self-Murder, Killing of an Unborn Child by Injury to Mother, Unnecessary Killing to Prevent an Unlawful Act.

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