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If you live in Florida then you have undoubtedly heard the slogan "Use a gun and you're done". In recent years law enforcement officers and state prosecutors have become increasingly vigilant and harsh against any and all firearm violations. Much of this is covered under Florida's "10-20-Life" Anti-Crime Law that demonstrates little if any tolerance for the illegal use, possession or display of firearms.

Under this law the courts are directed to automatically impose lengthy prison sentences for crimes that involve a firearm. Facing such charges is not a light process. To best defend yourself you will need the legal representation of a criminal defense attorney with years of qualified experience working with clients accused of firearm and weapon offenses.

Consequences of a Firearms Conviction in Florida

If an individual has a prior felony conviction, then the simple possession of a firearm can result in a prison sentence, even if that firearm was never used or displayed. The entirety of Florida law is very unsympathetic to firearm use or illegal possession and will generally result in automatic sentencing involving years in prison and felony charges. For example the law:

  • Mandates a minimum 10 year prison term for certain felonies, or attempted felonies in which the offender possesses a firearm
  • Mandates a minimum 20 year prison term when the firearm is discharged
  • Mandates a minimum 25 years to LIFE if someone is injured or killed
  • Mandates a minimum 3 year prison term for possession of a firearm by a felon

Charged with a firearm offense in Tampa?

At The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger, our Tampa criminal defense attorney has over 20 years of criminal law experience. Coming from an extensive background in the State Attorney's Office has given Attorney Tim Hessinger a strong, working knowledge of the prosecution side of criminal law. This experience proves invaluable for our legal team and our clients in building a realistic and effective defense against criminal charges. Our firm has effectively defended numerous charges involving firearms and other deadly weapons.

Firearm related charges are taken very seriously and are subject to harsh prosecution. These need an immediate and aggressive defense. Contact a Tampa criminal defense lawyer from our firm as soon as possible for a review of your case, the facts of the charges and a consultation on potential defense strategies.

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