FAQ: Drug Crime Cases in Tampa

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Is there any way to avoid jail?
When you are accused of a serious drug offense such as drug trafficking, manufacturing or cultivation, it is critical that you move quickly in contacting a Tampa drug crime defense lawyer. The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger makes every effort possible to assist clients in avoiding jail and prison time. There are many defenses and alternative sentencing options available that can eliminate or lessen a client's exposure to jail or prison. The earlier our Tampa criminal defense team becomes involved in your case, the better chance our team will have to explore your defenses and find alternatives to incarceration.

How do I choose a defense lawyer?
Not all attorneys have the same experience in effectively defending drug crimes and other serious criminal cases. It is strongly advised that you have legal counsel that has extensive experience in defending serious drug cases in criminal court. As courtroom talent is different than knowledge of the law, it is important that you are represented in court by a legal team that can present your case in a compelling and convincing manner, and has done their homework with regard to the errors and flaws in the prosecutor's case. The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger is dedicated to criminal defense and has over 20 years of criminal law experience - all in the courtrooms of Tampa Bay.

What if this is not my first offense?
Florida lawmakers have determined that those who are considered "repeat offenders" should suffer more serious consequences. It is crucial that fast action is taken to seek to avoid the enhanced penalties that could result from a conviction.

Is misdemeanor possession worth defending?
Every drug crime case is worth defending. Do you want a conviction on your criminal record that any potential employer can access? There are other damages that you will suffer other than fines and penalties if you are convicted.

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