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Drug Court and Treatment: Alternatives to Conviction in Tampa

As cases involving drug possession began flooding the court system, the State of Florida recognized a growing need for rehabilitation and treatment for both first time and chronic users. To that end, courts in many Florida jurisdictions have developed "drug court" programs, which emphasize rehabilitation over punishment.

For many individuals, drug court creates tremendous opportunities to obtain treatment for their substance abuse issues that they could not otherwise afford. Also, drug court allows these individuals the opportunity to have their cases resolved without the kind of punitive sanctions that would forever alter their lives, such as a criminal conviction or incarceration. Many of our clients have made remarkable progress in dealing with their addiction issues and have quite literally changed their lives through drug court and the treatment programs offered there.

Not every drug offender is eligible for acceptance into drug court. Those charged with trafficking or sales of controlled substances, and those charged with violent offenses are not drug court candidates. A Tampa drug crime defense attorney will be familiar with the particulars of a program and should be consulted regarding any questions. At The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger we handle these types of cases on a regular and consistent basis and can provide you with an in-depth evaluation of your eligibility for drug court and treatment as an alternative to possible conviction or incarceration.

Acceptance into Drug Court and Treatment

Ideally we are able to get a client into a Pre-Trial Diversion program as part of drug court. If eligible, our office will apply for you to take part in this program which has the enormous benefit of a dismissal of charges upon successful completion. Some of the elements of this program are as follows:

  • You will be placed on eighteen months of probation. There is the potential for an early completion after 12 months given demonstrated results.
  • You must remain free of all alcohol and drug use and attend a judicial review every four to six weeks. This requires a court appearance to review your progress.
  • Taking part in a prescribed drug treatment program

These programs can save you from prison and a criminal record but the opportunity must be acted upon quickly. Contact a Tampa drug crime attorney without delay for the help you need.

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