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Possession of Drug Paraphernalia under Fla. Statute 893.145 or Fla. Statute 893.146 is a charge that often accompanies a drug possession charge. The charge involves possessing items to facilitate the use of drugs. This can include a wide range of items including pipes, syringes, capsules, containers, blenders, scales and bongs. It is a first degree misdemeanor punishable by 12 months in the county jail plus a $1000 fine. If you or a family member has been charged with this offense, you need to obtain experienced legal defense by contacting a Tampa drug crime attorney.

Defending Drug Paraphernalia Charges in Tampa

The prosecutor in pressing the charge must prove possession of the paraphernalia plus an intention to use the item in question in connection with drugs. This can be difficult there are defense opportunities to counter the state's case. The defense also explores possible violations of the defendant's constitutional rights. These violations can occur from the police overstepping in wiretapping, search of the defendant's premises or in obtaining confessions or other failures to follow legal procedures.

Other Drug Paraphernalia Offenses

  • Manufacture or Delivery of Drug Paraphernalia = Felony third degree
  • Transportation of drug paraphernalia = Felony third degree
  • Advertisement of drug paraphernalia = Misdemeanor first degree
  • Delivery of drug paraphernalia to a minor = Felony second degree

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The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger frequently defends clients with drug possession and drug paraphernalia charges in the Tampa area. Our team uses the information gained from Attorney Hessinger's experience as a former prosecutor and vast experience as a criminal defense attorney to defend clients charged with drug crimes. Our priority is to obtain the most favorable case resolution as possible. We carefully review all the evidence for violations of our clients' constitutional rights and for weaknesses in the state's proof on all drug possession and drug paraphernalia charges.

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