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Each year, hundreds of individuals are wrongly accused of spousal abuse. People accuse others of abuse for many reasons, many of them personal and sometimes malicious. In virtually every spousal abuse emergency call, a paramedic or other emergency response crew will find the victim injured in a home. If you are the only other individual at home at the time that the emergency response service arrived and you are not harmed, you will most likely be arrested and charged with domestic violence. Unfortunately, there is really only one way to fight off these kinds of charges. Consulting with a seasoned Tampa domestic violence attorney should be your main priority after you are arrested on spousal abuse charges or suspicion.

If you had just arrived home just before the emergency services arrived, or you have arrived to find your spouse injured and unconscious and call for help, you may find yourself facing serious charges. At a time of such worry and despair, a criminal accusation is the last thing you would want on your mind. With the help of the legal team at The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger, you may be able to tend to your spouse's injuries while vivaciously fighting off the charges.

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Before matters slip too far out of hand, it is important that you secure legal representation. The sooner you involve a spousal abuse defense lawyer from our firm, the sooner you may find yourself free of extra stress and worries. Attorney Tim Hessinger has 15 years of experience as a state prosecutor. With the intimate knowledge our firm has of the law, you can't go wrong! Let us help you today. Take advantage of our free consultation and call our office!

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