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After a domestic violence arrest occurs, you will be held in jail with no bond until you can appear before a judge. Your criminal history will be searched prior to this to find any past domestic violence arrests or incidents or other evidence of a history of violent crime. In many cases the court will issue a "no contact order" as a condition of your release. No contact whatsoever is allowed between the arrested party and the victim, whether direct or indirect - by telephone, mail, e-mail, in person or via a third party. If you have been arrested and a no contact order has been issued as part of your release, a Tampa domestic violence attorney can keep you apprised of your rights and help you protect against violating this court order.

If a person who has a no contact order issued against them visits the property of the alleged victim, or contacts them in any way, they are in direct violation of the terms of their release. Once this is reported to the court, the person's bond or ROR will be revoked and the person will be held in custody. The police may also consider charging you with criminal trespassing, a first degree misdemeanor.

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At The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger, we understand that domestic violence situations are emotional and difficult for all involved parties. You can trust that our Tampa criminal defense firm will offer extremely qualified and experienced legal guidance through each step of your case. We will provide high quality legal representation and protection of your rights. We can advise you of steps you should take while awaiting trial that can prevent you from any further criminal charges, such as violation of a court order or injunction.

Protecting your best interests is always of vital importance to us. Contact a Tampa domestic violence lawyer as soon as possible to ensure exemplary work on your behalf.

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