Kidnapping and False Imprisonment

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Domestic violence incidents can involve many types of difficult and sensitive situations. Dynamics between couples can be complicated, which in turn can lead to harsh allegations. Among the many serious domestic violence charges that you could be faced with in a domestic violence case are kidnapping and false imprisonment. These are felony charges and if convicted can result in very serious legal problems and compromise your future. If you are facing such charges, it is wise to be in immediate touch with a Tampa domestic violence lawyer for trusted legal assistance.

Both kidnapping and false imprisonment are taken quite seriously by police and prosecutors in Florida. If your spouse or child accuses you of holding them against their will and not allowing them to leave the house, you may be subject to false imprisonment charges. Likewise, if you transport a spouse, girlfriend or child somewhere against their will and hold them there, this can lead to the even more grievous charge of kidnapping. Even the removal of your children from the home and keeping them at a relative's house - away from their other parent - can be charged as kidnapping.

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The legal team at The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger understands how complicated such legal matters are, and what to do to fight to reduce the damage to you and your future. Our skilled attorney will work closely with you, and will always have your best interests in mind and a swift and positive resolution to your case as our end goal. Committed to client care and aggressive legal action, Attorney Tim Hessinger will do everything possible to effectively defend your domestic violence charges.

False imprisonment and kidnapping are serious criminal charges and you should not wait to obtain legal representation. Contact a Tampa domestic violence attorney today.

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