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Domestic violence charges may be filed as either misdemeanors or felonies. That decision is made by the prosecutor of the case based on the circumstances of the case, how serious the injuries are, and the believability of the victim and witnesses. Domestic violence counseling/intervention and anger management can be recommended as part of the punishment for cases that are both misdemeanors and felonies.

If the alleged victim was not seriously injured and there is not a long history of domestic violence, probation may be the most likely disposition. If probation is ordered, the court is required to make domestic violence counseling a condition of probation. This program involves individual and group counseling and lasts for 26 weeks. The alleged offender is required to pay for attending this program. For more information about domestic violence counseling and a list of approved counseling providers please contact our office.

Domestic violence crimes are aggressively prosecuted in the state of Florida, so it is possible jail time may be requested, even if the injury to the victim is not that serious. A skilled Tampa domestic violence lawyer from The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger will aggressively fight to protect your rights. Attorney Hessinger is a former state prosecutor, and we will work to minimize the possibility of you going to jail and for your charges to be reduced or dismissed.

What is the purpose of domestic violence counseling?

In theory, domestic violence counseling helps the alleged abuser look at their life and try to understand why they act in a violent manner. They are taught how to solve problems without resorting to violence. If it looks like a situation may escalate into violence, they are taught how to walk away from it and that controlling others through the use of violence does not work. The court monitors the alleged abuser's attendance in the program.

The main purpose of the program is for alleged batterers to be held accountable for their actions and so that the victims of domestic violence and child abuse remain safe from harm. Contact a Tampa domestic violence lawyer today for a free initial consultation about domestic violence counseling.

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