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About Criminal Traffic Offenses in Florida

Our firm will aggressively defend those that are faced with a criminal traffic charge. Our legal team is very experienced in defending all types of criminal traffic charges. Our experienced Tampa criminal defense attorney at The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger can advise you of the best course of action in defending your criminal traffic charges. How quickly the defense gets to work on your case can be a critical factor in the outcome of your case.

Types of Criminal Traffic Violations in Florida

There is some amount of confusion on what amounts to a civil traffic infraction and what amounts to a criminal traffic offense or infraction. Criminal traffic offenses carry the possible penalty of jail, and in some cases, imprisonment. Civil traffic offenses do not carry any possibility of jail time but do include fees and other costs. We have successfully handled the following types of criminal traffic cases:

There is too much at stake to risk entering the courtroom without an experienced attorney to present your defense or to negotiate a successful resolution to your case. Reckless driving, for example, carries a jail sentence up to 90 days and a $500 fine. A second reckless driving charge carries a jail sentence of up to six months and a $1000 fine. No matter what you have been charged with, a criminal traffic defense attorney from our firm can provide you with a free consultation.

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There are many successful defense strategies available to those who are facing criminal traffic charges. Our attorney has a full understanding of the dynamics of the criminal justice system, and has trained prosecutors, law enforcement, and was formerly in charge of traffic court. It is invaluable to obtain the services of a lawyer early on in the case. We urge you to contact a Tampa criminal attorney from our legal team at once if you are accused of a criminal traffic offense.

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