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Child abuse charges can include serious penalties that can permanently alter a person's life and career. Almost all child abuse charges score mandatory prison on the state guidelines. The mere allegation of child abuse can be enough to cause serious damage to your reputation and future. In addition, state prosecutors, judges, as well as juries have a natural inclination to assume the allegations are true. These preconceptions must be overcome in order for your case to be successfully resolved. There are countless cases on record in which children have made false allegations of child abuse for various reasons. Child abuse allegations frequently surface when parents are fighting for child custody or when a child is trying to cover up some other wrong the child committed.

If you are facing such charges, you need a highly skilled Tampa criminal defense lawyer by your side from the outset. It is important to have an attorney that knows how to handle these delicate situations. Child abuse cases are so complex and there is so much potential damage that could be done by a poorly prepared or inexperienced defense counsel. Contact our team today for more information about your case!

Penalties for Child Abuse in Florida

Depending on the nature of the allegations, you can be charged with child abuse or aggravated child abuse, both felony offenses in the state of Florida. Statutes define child abuse as the knowing or willful abuse of a child that does not lead to serious injury or permanent disability. Aggravated child abuse involves battery against a child, including the intentional infliction of great bodily harm or a permanent disability or disfigurement. It can also be charged when a deadly weapon is used in an incident of abuse.

The penalties for child abuse are as follows:

  • Child Abuse: $1,000 fine & up to 5 years in prison
  • Aggravated Child Abuse: Up to 30 years in prison

Why Hire Attorney Tim Hessinger?

Tim Hessinger is not only a highly trained criminal defense lawyer with years of experience; he is also a former state prosecutor with extensive experience handling child abuse cases. From 1997 to 2005, Tim Hessinger was in the Major Crimes Unit at the state attorney's office and was responsible for prosecuting all of the high profile child abuse cases. These cases included all of the child murder cases that occurred over this eight-year period, including shaken baby murder cases. Other cases included serial rape, capital sexual battery, lewd and lascivious molestation, sexually violent predator cases, and many cases involving teachers, priests, youth ministers, scout leaders, security guards, policeman, and other high profile individuals accused of child abuse.

Since forming The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger, our team has effectively defended a wide range of child abuse allegations. Tim Hessinger's years of experience building these cases gives our firm the knowledge necessary to challenge each and every part of the state's case. We use this skill and understanding in every criminal case we take on, greatly improving the clients' chances of a successful resolution.

Don't Wait to Enlist a Proven Child Abuse Lawyer in Tampa!

Even if you believe that you may only be a target of an investigation, the time to call is now. Being innocent is not enough. You need a highly skilled attorney protecting your rights from the moment you are arrested or become aware you are being investigated. Our experienced team of lawyers moves quickly to investigate the allegations and to develop evidence that refutes the allegations.

The earlier our team gets involved, the better chance you will have to avoid formal charges, avoid registration as a sex offender, and avoid the harsh penalties such a prison time. We have significant experience handling the media on behalf of our clients. No matter what the accusation, don't wait to contact a child abuse defense lawyer in Tampa. Call The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger at (813) 501-2688.

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