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Charged with battery in Tampa?

According to Florida Statutes §784.03, battery is defined as intentionally causing bodily harm to a victim through an intentional action, such as striking or kicking. Tim Hessinger is an experienced criminal defense attorney in Tampa who has effectively defended countless charges related to battery.

A battery charge can range from a first degree misdemeanor (simple battery) to a felony punishable by life in prison with no opportunity for early release (Capital Sexual Battery). Our experienced team is led by a former prosecutor who spent 15 years at the State Attorney's office before forming The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger.

Our firm's dedication to protecting the rights and interests of those charged with battery in Tampa makes us distinctively qualified to effectively handle your battery charge. Immediately retaining the counsel of a Tampa criminal defense attorney can often increase your chances of obtaining the best possible case resolution.

Types of Battery Charges in Florida

There is a very long list of battery charges. Below is a list of some of the most common battery charges that The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger has effectively handled during our 20 plus years of criminal law experience.

  • Simple battery
  • Felony battery
    • Prior battery offense
    • Battery with strangulation
    • Serious bodily injury
  • Aggravated battery
    • Use of a deadly weapon
    • Victim pregnant
    • Victim 65 or older
    • Intentionally cause serious injury
  • Sexual Battery (rape)
    • Victim under 12 and accused 18 or over
    • Victim under 12 and accused under 18
    • Victim over 12
    • Victim under 18 and accused in familial or custodial authority

Defending Battery Charges in Tampa

One of the best opportunities to have charges dropped or reduced is prior to the State Attorney filing formal charges. The police may have arrested you for a battery related charge, but the prosecutor has trained attorneys that examine every case and make an independent decision on whether to file formal charges. Many times these trained intake attorneys only hear one side of the story and have no other choice but to file formal charges. The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger intervenes before formal charges are filed and provide mitigating evidence or "the other side of the story" to the intake attorney. This additional information can often impact the State Attorney's filing decision for the benefit of the accused.

The worst thing someone accused of a battery can do is to simply wait and take their chances with the State Attorney's filing decision. Remember that law enforcement and possibly the victim are only providing their version of the incident. You need to have your voice heard at this critical time. It is important to contact our legal team so that immediate action can be taken to defend your case.

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