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If you suspect there may be an active warrant for your arrest, we advise you to contact us immediately to avoid an arrest at your home, which often occurs during early morning hours, or while driving your car. Many of our clients would prefer to turn themselves in, with the assistance of our law firm and a bondsman, than face the embarrassing prospect of being escorted from their home in handcuffs in front of neighbors or family members. Contacting a Tampa criminal defense attorney is your first step.

The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger provides discrete and effective help with arrest warrants to residents of Tampa. Our attorney is an experienced former prosecutor who is highly respected in the legal community. Tim Hessinger served for 15 years as a prosecutor and was named as 2004 Prosecutor of the Year. Our firm can work to resolve your outstanding warrant issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Is there a warrant out for your arrest?

If a quick resolution of our client's criminal matter is a viable option, we will set a court hearing so that our client can enter a plea of guilty or no contest and be sentenced. Where it is in our client's interest to resolve the case in this manner, we will talk to the prosecutor prior to the court hearing to negotiate the best possible outcome.

Sometimes, it may not be to our client's advantage to resolve the case until sometime after the warrant is executed. Under these circumstances, we will contact the appropriate authorities to determine the status of the warrant and bond amount, before making arrangements with a bondsman to assist our client in posting bail. If the bond amount is inordinately high, we will have the matter set for a bond hearing as quickly as possible and seek to have the amount lowered. In some cases, we may be able to have the Judge release our client on his or her own recognizance. Once the arrest warrant is executed, we will then focus on bringing the case to resolution. We urge you to contact us for a free confidential consultation.

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