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At The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger, our criminal defense team has the advantage that our lead attorney is a former state prosecutor. There is absolutely no substitute for trial experience, and understanding what goes on behind the scenes at the prosecutor's office can be a huge asset in crafting a successful criminal defense case. Our trial attorney, Timothy Hessinger, served in the state prosecutor's office for a term of 15 years. This background has proven to be extremely valuable in defending those who are facing serious criminal charges. We know the strategies and tactics of the prosecutor; we carefully craft a defense case for each and every case we take on, with only one objective – winning for our clients.

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Timothy Hessinger has been involved in training other attorneys, law enforcement, and law students in criminal law. He served as the lead attorney in an entire trial division, and served as a member of the Special Prosecution Unit at the State Attorney's Office. He has been involved in many high profile murder cases, and has a real insight into the process, and served on over 130 trials during that time. When you want an attorney on your side that really knows the system and what can be done to fight back, you should contact our firm immediately.

Each case is carefully evaluated. Our defense team reviews every detail of every piece of evidence, every report, every witness and every part of the police procedure, from the police stop through to their actions in the arrest and the handling of evidence. We know how easily a case can go off the rails, and we seek out the best possible strategy for the defense, based upon our knowledge of how the prosecution will investigate, develop their case, and the best areas of challenge that we can exploit.

We know exactly how frightening it is to be arrested and charged with a serious crime. Avoiding jail or prison is usually the main concern. Whether you are accused of a misdemeanor offense such as a first time DUI, or are facing the most dangerous of charges such as murder or manslaughter, the quality and experience of your Tampa criminal attorney is the most important factor in your case. All of us that have worked within the system know that the development and presentation of a persuasive case for the defense can have a significant impact on the outcome of the case.

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Whether you hope to achieve an acquittal, or there are good options for getting the charges dismissed, or you need a skilled negotiator to help you reduce the charges against you, we can help. Our firm operates differently than many other firms. We tirelessly protect our clients' rights while evaluating the case and crafting the strategy for the defense, and our detailed efforts have paid off very well in a great number of difficult cases. We urge you to contact our firm and get a former prosecuting attorney on your side. We know the business of criminal law and we fight for every possible advantage for each client. Call our offices today to learn how we can provide the aggressive advocacy your case needs!

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