When Should I Hire an Attorney?

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A prosecutor makes important decisions early in the case that may determine what charges, if any, are filed against a person that was arrested by the police. An effective and experienced criminal defense attorney representing a defendant at this stage can provide additional information to the prosecutor that may put the incident under investigation in a different light. For example, information showing that a domestic battery incident was a mutual combat situation or that the client acted in self-defense can significantly impact a prosecutor's decision on whether or not to file criminal charges. If you have been arrested or expect to be charged, you are urged to contact a criminal defense attorney without delay.

The Filing Process - The Critical Time to Have an Attorney

After arrest, the State Attorney receives the police report, and in many cases takes sworn testimony from the investigating officers and alleged victim. The information provided to the State Attorney is often times one sided and does adequately tell the full story of what really happened. If the prosecutor only hears one side of the story, then as you can imagine their decision to file formal charges against an individual can be flawed. An effective defense attorney can communicate with the prosecutor and provide information to influence the prosecutor's decision for the better. He may even persuade the prosecutor to drop the matter altogether.

When this does not happen, he may still persuade the prosecutor to file a lesser charge that does not include mandatory prison time, is a lower level crime or that is eligible to be dismissed after the client completes a program. For the client, this early intervention by the defense attorney can ultimately determine whether the client gets charged, the level of charges that are filed, and in many cases, the options that are available for resolving the case.

Enlist The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger for Your Case

Tim Hessinger is a seasoned criminal defense attorney serving the Tampa area. He is a former assistant state attorney who used to make the same criminal filing decisions that our clients are now waiting on. Consequently, we know what information the prosecutor needs to dismiss or reduce the charges against our clients. When a client retains us, we immediately communicate with the prosecutor's office to learn who is handling the matter and take steps to tell the other side of the story. Through this early action we are able to effectively reduce the severity of the charges that are clients are facing. When to hire an attorney? Our advice is early, as soon as you know charges may be coming your way.

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