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If you are dealing with a minor traffic violation it is easy to understand that hiring an attorney is an unnecessary expense. However, when criminal charges are involved, neglecting to hire an attorney can be very costly. Criminal charges, misdemeanor or felony, can result in jail time, fines, probation restrictions, loss of driver's license and a permanent criminal record. Where you are facing criminal charges you are urged to consult a criminal attorney to learn how a skilled legal counselor can help you.

Reasons to Hire an Attorney

  • You have many rights you may not be aware of. If may be the police violated your rights in the search of your premises and the evidence can be thrown out. If you gave a confession, your Miranda rights may have been violated and the confession suppressed. In a DUI situation, police may have made mistakes in the alcohol screening tests that can be used to invalidate the results.
  • You have the right to cross-examination of the state's witnesses. This is a skill that your attorney can use to undermine the state's case.
  • Your attorney knows ways to keep charges from ending up permanently on your criminal record. This can be very important when you later seek employment or want to buy a house.

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Tim Hessinger is a seasoned Tampa criminal defense attorney. Attorney Hessinger is a former 15 year veteran of the state's attorney office who was named 2004 Prosecutor of the Year. He applies his experience and courtroom talent to defending those accused of criminal offenses in the Tampa area. We know the court system inside and out, know our clients' rights, and know how to defend them. We have effectively dismantled many state cases by telling the other side of the story. We are familiar with the ways to mitigate criminal penalties to help our clients stay out of jail and avoid permanent criminal records.

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