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Sobriety checkpoints are essentially roadblocks set up by law enforcement officers in which vehicles are stopped so that the officers can investigate whether or not the drivers are intoxicated. These checkpoints are the most heavily scrutinized stops under the fourth amendment of the constitution, and prosecutors who are attempting to prove guilt in a DUI case must not only prove that the stop of the defendant's vehicle was reasonable, but that the stop of every vehicle at the checkpoint was reasonable.

In a typical sobriety checkpoint case, the arresting officer may find evidence of traffic infractions or criminal offenses such as driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or being in possession of controlled substances. If the defendant's attorney is able to successfully challenge the constitutionality of the checkpoint, then any and all evidence in the case can be thrown out or suppressed. The Tampa DUI defense lawyer from our firm can assist you in your sobriety checkpoint case, and we may be able to secure an outcome that sees the charges against you significantly reduced or dismissed outright.

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There are many factors that dictate whether a checkpoint or roadblock is legitimate. Checkpoints must have adequate lighting and warning signs, the law enforcement officials present must be easily identifiable as such, and the checkpoints must be minimally intrusive as well as minimal in length. If any of these factors are not present, an attorney can expose their absence to the possible benefit of their client.

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