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DUI is most commonly associated with alcohol, but many DUI cases involve the person being under the influence of drugs. In the state of Florida, driving under the influence of drugs is considered just as serious an offense as DUI with alcohol, even if the drugs are a legally prescribed medication. If it is determined that the medication made you an unsafe driver, you can be charged. In such cases, "under the influence" refers to being unable to operate a motor vehicle with the same ability that one would under normal circumstances.

There is no "legal limit," in DUI drug offenses, so the law enforcement officer who has made the stop must use his or her best judgment in determining the person's fitness to drive. Only after an arrest has been made can the law enforcement officer request a urine or blood sample to determine what was ingested.

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If you have been charged with a DUI offense that involves drugs, it is important that you contact a Tampa DUI defense attorney as soon as possible. DUI drug arrests are often made solely on the basis of opinion and subjectivity, rather than concrete fact, and a competent attorney can challenge the validity of the charges against you to your possible benefit.

The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger possesses a skilled legal team with two decades of experience in handling criminal cases. Attorney Timothy Hessinger served as a prosecutor for 15 years, and he utilizes the experience he gained in doing so in helping individuals in their DUI cases. Contact us today about your DUI drug charges, and we will build a defense in your case that is designed to optimize your chances of an outcome in which your charges are reduced or dismissed.

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