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About Sex with a Minor

The Florida laws regarding children and sex were enacted to protect a child from forced sexual activity. What if the act was consensual? The law holds that a minor legally cannot consent. Sex with a minor may be termed statutory rape or child molestation or child abuse. The law does not differentiate between a minor raped by a stranger and a 17 year old girl engaging in sexual conduct with her 20 year old fiancé.

If you are facing allegations of sex with a minor you are advised to discuss the matter only with a Tampa sex crime defense attorney because anything you say can and will be used against you.

Sex with a Minor Lawyer in Tampa

Law enforcement agents are only concerned with finding evidence or getting a confession of guilt. Prosecutors are concerned with getting convictions. The penalties for conviction of having sex with a minor include fines and imprisonment as well as registration as a sex offender. Registration allows public access to your personal information and may well affect your future employment and standing in the community. As a highly respected former prosecutor, Attorney Tim Hessinger has extensive knowledge concerning prosecutorial procedures and may find flaws in the case against you which allows the allegations to be dismissed or crucial evidence to be suppressed through court hearings.

The legal team at our firm is committed to getting the charges dropped or reduced, or an acquittal in a trial. Construction of a persuasive defense strategy can protect your future. Meet with an understanding sex crime defense lawyer who will take an aggressive approach to your case. Call The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger for a consultation concerning your circumstances.

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