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Facing Charges of Lewd Conduct in Tampa

Lewd conduct covers any number of physical actions or demonstrations that are intended to create sexual lust, desire or interest. Who the sexual stimulation is intended for is not relevant to determining if a sex crime took place.

Lewd conduct charges are generally brought when any inappropriate sexual conduct takes place in public or in an area that can be viewed by the general public. Most of the criminal offenses involve actions such as:

  • Indecent exposure of the private body parts, particularly in any state of arousal
  • Pornographic offenses or conduct
  • Activities related to prostitution
  • The grabbing, touching or fondling of another's private body parts or any such sexually oriented contact
  • Actual sex acts in a public place such as parks, restrooms or cars
  • Any form of sexual self-gratification carried out in public, even if simulated

These are serious crimes and can be treated as felonies in many cases, particularly with repeat offenders or if the lewd conduct involved children or minors. Although these may seem to be somewhat minor offenses the reality is that the law can be very harsh in punishing these crimes. Prison sentences that run into the decades are not unheard of and any such charges should be taken very seriously. Finding a Tampa sex crimes defense lawyer that has the knowhow and familiarity to effectively you defend you is a very crucial step that should not be delayed.

Lewd Conduct involving a Minor

In the case of lewd conduct charges that are solely between or involving adults then the offense can be treated as either a misdemeanor or a felony. This will primarily depend upon any other crimes committed, the severity of the lewd conduct and one's prior criminal record.

However lewd conduct involving children or minors will be charged as a felony offense. Not only will you be facing the possibility of considerable prison time this also means that a conviction will require you to register as a sex offender. This is publicly available information and will follow you for live. Wherever you live or work you will be required to register and be labeled as a sex offender or predator. Wherever possible, our team at The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger will work to get your charges dismissed or the offense reduced to a lesser one in order to avoid this outcome.

Lewd conduct charges are serious and are considered sex crimes. Contact a Tampa lewd conduct defense attorney for help and advice on how to properly defend your case.

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