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In many cases, a spouse or another individual will be wrongly accused of a sex crime for a variety of reasons. A malicious hidden agenda may cause an individual to unlawfully accuse another of committing a sexual offense. In other situations, if a person calls 911 to report rape, including date rape, statutory rape and other sex offenses, and you arrive at the scene shortly before emergency services, you will most likely be accused of the crime. If the response team believes that you should be held responsible for the criminal act at hand, they may request your arrest on the spot.

Sometimes children will wrongly accuse a person of a sex crime, such as molestation, sex with a minor, sexual abuse, child abuse, solicitation of a minor or statutory rape. They may be accusing a specific individual out of anger or immaturity. Despite the reason that you have been blamed for this act, it occurs on a daily basis and results in innocent individuals facing harsh punishments and criminal records.

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Fortunately, the legal team at The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger has provided innocent individuals all across Tampa with the aggressive and competent defense and respect they deserve. By contacting a Tampa sex crime defense attorney at our firm, you will learn your rights and how our firm can help protect them. We protect individuals with false accusations of sexual offenses on a daily basis and we may be able to help you too.

As serious as sex offenses are taken in the state of Florida, our firm takes them even more seriously. We believe that bringing the most aggressive defense to the table while zealously advocating our clients' rights is the only way to find a favorable outcome. Whether you are facing accusations of solicitation, lewd conduct, indecent exposure or you would like to learn more information about the sex offender registry, please call our office today!

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