Failure to Register

Registering as a Sex Offender is Mandatory

It is the law across the land that anyone convicted as a sex offender must register their address with the local law enforcement. This means that any changes to your living address or residency must be reported and kept current. In addition the law often requires that an offender makes timely updates or confirmations even if none of their information has changed. These time periods can verify but often are annually or in some cases involving violent sex crimes or multiple offenses the individual is required to provide updated verification of the current residency more frequently. Normally this notification is done by mail but it may vary.

Not every state or area has identical rules regarding the types of offenders that must register but they do mostly all require lifetime registration for the more serious violent sexual offenders, repeat offenders and those that committed sexual crimes against children.

For questions or concerns regarding ones status or requirements as a sexual offender it is recommended that you speak with a Tampa sex crimes defense lawyer that will be familiar with this area of legal practice. At The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger we stand ready and fully prepare to assist you with any and all questions or needs regarding sexual offender designation, mandatory requirements and what can be done regarding your case.

Failing to Register as a Sex Offender

It is the law that if you have been convicted of a sex crime then you must register. The law is very precise and relatively complex regarding the exact requirements and the various conditions but in most cases it can be assumed that changes in residence or intents to move and such matters have a very short timeline of 48 hours. There are many conditions that require precise information on where you live, work and so forth. Failures to abide by these rules can lead to serious consequences. The law is covered in Florida State Law 775.21 and states:

"Except as otherwise specifically provided, a sexual predator who fails to register; who fails, after registration, to maintain, acquire, or renew a driver's license or identification card; who fails to provide required location information or change-of-name information; who fails to make a required report in connection with vacating a permanent residence; who fails to reregister as required; who fails to respond to any address verification correspondence from the department within 3 weeks of the date of the correspondence; or who otherwise fails, by act or omission, to comply with the requirements of this section, commits a felony of the third degree"

Failing to register is a felony and can lead to serious consequences such as prison time. Contact a Tampa sex crimes defense lawyer for help or questions regarding this matter.

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