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If you have been accused of any type of drug offense in Tampa, Florida, it is immediately important to your future to consult with a seasoned Tampa drug crime defense attorney. There are many benefits of securing legal representation, and without a lawyer you may find yourself facing maximum penalties. Even if you are innocent, it is still absolutely vital to have sound legal advice at your side.

Attorney Timothy Hessinger has 15 years of extensive experience as a former state prosecutor. With this knowledge on your side, you can rest more easily knowing that your rights will be protected and your best interests will always be sought after. The Tampa drug crime lawyer at the firm can counter accusations of:

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If you are considering hiring a drug crime defense attorney for your recent accusation or arrest, we urge you to call our office today for a free consultation. We have offices in Saint Petersburg, Tampa, and Clearwater at the convenience of our clients, and we are always ready to take action. You can find out more about our firm by browsing through our website. Most importantly, if you are thinking about consulting with a legal representative for your drug offense, make sure you choose a firm with an impressive track record and an extensive history in the court room.

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