Prescription Fraud

Fraudulently Obtaining a Controlled Substance Cases in Tampa

In the state of Florida, many chemical substances are controlled and classified into schedules according to their perceived risk level, medical uses and the potential for abuse. These substances include "street drugs" such as heroin or cocaine, but also include drugs that can be obtained at a pharmacy with a valid prescription, such as oxycodone. Whether the substance is a street drug or a medical drug makes little difference when the use, sale or distribution is done illegally. Some of these medical drugs have highly addictive properties, which has resulted in people attempting to obtain them through fraudulent or falsified prescriptions with alarming frequency.

Types of Fraud

The use of fraud to obtain these drugs is illegal and can result in some very severe penalties. The more common types of fraud used to obtain these drugs include:

  • Falsifying a prescription
  • Shopping multiple doctors looking for one to say "yes"
  • "Back door" dispensing without prescriptions
  • Overprescribing of drugs for the purpose of subsequent street sales
  • Prescribing drugs without patient examination or valid medical cause
  • Using a single prescription for multiple fillings

If you have been arrested for obtaining or dispensing a controlled substance unlawfully, you need effective and immediate legal representation. At The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger we have over twenty years of combined experience on both the prosecution and defense side of the law and have handled hundreds of these types of cases. Whether a street drug or medically prescribed drugs any unauthorized use or sale can result in criminal charges. You need legal representation and should contact a Tampa fraud defense attorney without delay for the help you need.

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