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Arrested for a Prescription Drug Crime in Tampa?

You only have to read the newspaper or turn on the news to see that abuse of prescription drugs has reached an epidemic level in Florida. Law enforcement agencies and State Attorneys have special units devoted to investigating and prosecuting the illegal possession and trafficking of prescription drugs. More and more resources are being devoted to this issue which has led to more and more arrests. If you or a member of your family has been arrested for prescription drug abuse, it is essential to have effective and experienced legal representation to assist in defending your case.

At The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger, we provide aggressive defense to clients in the Tampa area who are accused of prescription drug crimes. Attorney Tim Hessinger is a former veteran prosecutor and experienced criminal defense attorney that seeks the best possible solution for our clients. If you need help in defending against prescription drug crime charges you are urged to contact a drug crime defense attorney in Tampa.

Defending Clients in Tampa charged with Prescription Drug Crimes

We provide defense against drug prescription charges, including filling prescriptions for persons who do not have a prescription; selling and distributing prescription drugs outside of the pharmacy format; possessing prescription drugs for non-medical purposes; and forging prescriptions. When taking on a case we make a full investigation of the evidence. We look for any weaknesses in the proof and any constitutional defenses based on illegal searches and seizures and improperly-obtained confessions.

As a former prosecutor, Attorney Hessinger is intimately aware of the prosecution process and uses that knowledge to our clients' advantage. We use the window of time between the arrest and the filing of formal charges to impact the prosecutor's charging decision. This is the time when our defense attorney can be particularly effective in bringing defenses and mitigating factors to the prosecutor's attention. The mitigating factors could include addiction issues, chronic pain issues, or the client may have lost his or her insurance and cannot get the drugs in a legal manner.

We bring these matters to the prosecutor's attention and work to persuade the prosecutor to set aside the charges or reduce them. Avoiding jail on prescription drug crimes is important to our clients and their families and we will give your case the priority attention it deserves.

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