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Possession with intent means intent to deliver, sell or distribute. Police look at the quantity of drugs you have in your possession as well as the presence of any other evidence they may find such as amounts of cash, packaging materials such as baggies, cell phones and other equipment. Although the drugs may not be yours or were strictly for your personal use the presence of what appears to be drug paraphernalia could be used by a prosecutor to upgrade to a charge of possession with intent. If you have been arrested you need to consult a Tampa drug defense attorney quickly.

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Constructive possession refers to cases in which drugs or paraphernalia were located in an area which is under your control such as your car, in which case the prosecutor must prove that you had both control over and had knowledge of the possession of the substance. Actual possession means in your hand or pocket, etc. Distribution can include an exchange of cash or a valuable item for drugs, but it can also include simply sharing with friends. The amount and type of drug will determine the penalties you could face if convicted. Each member of our legal team is committed to protecting the rights of our clients and aggressively seeking a positive case outcome.

While an aggressive defense is very important, experience and knowledge is a key ingredient in knowing how to move forward with an effective defense case. Our team will listen carefully to you and begin an in-depth investigation into the prosecution's case to locate flaws and weaknesses. You have a right to an effective defense. Call The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger to begin planning the right strategy to defend your case.

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