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Crystal Meth Charges in Tampa?

Crystal meth charges can include possession, sale, trafficking or manufacturing, each with its own elements and penalties. All are felony offenses and carry serious potential consequences including prison time and fines. A conviction can affect your ability to obtain gainful employment, housing, and loans. Immediate intervention by an experienced criminal defense attorney is vital to improve your chances of a favorable outcome.

Following an arrest, and before formal charges are filed, we may be able to have your charges dropped if, for example, the evidence was obtained in violation of your constitutional rights or where there are significant proof problems with State's case against you. Sometimes we are able to negotiate for the filing of less serious charges, or fewer charges, which can have a significant impact on the outcome. If you have been arrested on a charge involving methamphetamine, or think you might be, contact a Tampa drug defense lawyer immediately.

Crystal Meth Defense Attorney in Tampa

At The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger we have years of experience handling narcotics offenses, as Attorney Hessinger formerly served as a state prosecutor before becoming a private defense attorney. He has tried over 130 jury trials is well-reputed in the legal community. Tim Hessinger was honored as 2004 Prosecutor of the Year.

Defense Against Crystal Meth Charges

Upon being retained, we thoroughly interview our clients and any potential witnesses as we begin to formulate defense strategies. It may be that another person was present with our client when his or her vehicle was searched who can establish the existence of a constitutional violation by reiterating in court what took place. In cases involving mistaken identity, a witnesses may be utilized to provide a solid alibi. If there was a confession, we check for police missteps that may allow us to have our client's statements suppressed.

As a former prosecutor who once made charging decisions, Attorney Hessinger knows what kind of information is useful and what needs to be communicated to the prosecutor. Our highly qualified and committed legal team will aggressively defend clients facing criminal charges involving meth. Act quickly in contacting us, as early involvement can significantly increase the potential for a favorable outcome in your case.

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