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The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger is a criminal defense law firm serving the Tampa Bay area. Our practice is solely dedicated to representing clients in criminal law - no divorces, no bankruptcy, nothing other than criminal law. This focus on criminal law allows us to spend more time and energy on each criminal defense case that we select to defend.

Each case is thoroughly evaluated, all options for a successful resolution are explored, and a plan is put in place to achieve the best possible result for each client. No rock is left unturned in our quest to obtain a favorable outcome on every case that we choose to defend.

Why choose our team?

Attorney Tim Hessinger is a 15 year former state prosecutor who has tried more than 130 jury trials on almost every type of criminal case imaginable. As a criminal defense attorney, our defense team has effectively handled all types of drug related crimes, including trafficking in cocaine, trafficking in pills, trafficking in marijuana, large grow house operations, prescription fraud, simple possession, drug sales, and doctor shopping. Our experience covers cases involving huge quantities of cocaine to cases involving trace amounts. With over 20 years of experience - all in criminal law in Tampa Bay - our team has the skill and fortitude needed to effectively defend your case.

When should you hire a Tampa drug attorney?

If you have been arrested or are being investigated for a drug crime you should contact our legal team immediately. If you have a Tampa criminal defense attorney, law enforcement will be much less likely to manipulate you into making incriminating statements or obtaining permission to search. Sometimes, particularly in drug cases, agreements can be reached with law enforcement to avoid arrest, reduce charges or eliminate criminal prosecution.

Most importantly, the best time to get charges reduced or dropped altogether is prior to the State Attorney filing formal charges. The State Attorney reviews every case that is referred by law enforcement to the State Attorney for prosecution. Often, the information provided by law enforcement is very one sided and fails give the entire circumstances of the alleged crime. Our criminal defense team provides "the other side of the story" during this critical time. Many cases are not clear cut allowing the State Attorney to exercise their discretion in reducing or dropping charges. Our team personalizes each client in our communications with the State Attorney. Every client should be more than just a number when their future is being decided. The State attorney should know all the good things about you and how important you are to your family, friends and community.

Any accusation of a drug crime should be evaluated at once by our Tampa drug lawyer at The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger. Our legal team provides effective legal representation in all types of drug crime cases, including those accusations of possession of drugs, possession with intent, manufacturing of drugs, drug trafficking, drug paraphernalia, prescription drug crimes, smuggling, search & seizure and marijuana crimes. The firm can also provide you with information as to your rights. If you have found yourself wrongfully accused of a drug crime, it is of the utmost importance to hire an attorney immediately. Waiting to do so could jeopardize your ability to create a compelling defense.

Attorney Hessinger also handles allegations of cultivation / grow house, crystal meth, crack, cocaine, drug treatment, prescription fraud, sale or delivery of drugs and doctor shopping. With the assistance of our associates, you will be able to find the answer to your question regarding why you should hire an attorney as well. For more information on how our firm can help you through this difficult time, call our office today.

How a Tampa Drug Lawyer Could Help You

Our legal team moves forward quickly in evaluating the evidence that has been gathered against you. There are often serious errors in police procedure or violations of rights that can lead to a dismissal of charges. Whether a hard-hitting cross examination of the police officer or narcotics officer is necessary, or a full review of the chain of custody of the evidence, labs or other defense action, we stand prepared to do what is necessary to fight for your freedom.

We don't take cases lightly; we intend to seek the best possible outcome in every case. We like to win and we take pride in our record in defending our clients throughout the Tampa area in all types of drug crime cases. We urge you to contact our team - the sooner you act, the sooner our team can get to work for you.

Contact a Tampa drug lawyer at The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger if you have been arrested and charged with any drug offense.

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