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Under certain circumstances of alleged domestic abuse, a judge may be inclined to issue a restraining order or injunction against contact with the alleged victim. A restraining order requires an end to making contact via phone, email, mail, or being within a set proximity of the petitioner. Once this court order goes into effect, the subject of the order must immediately cease contact and if he/she does not, they can be charged with a restraining order violation. This is a serious matter, and if you are charged with violating an injunction, you will need the care and guidance of a skilled Tampa domestic violence attorney.

Violating a restraining order is a bad idea for many reasons. Essentially, by failing to abide by the restrictions of such an injunction, you are defying the court's will and can be held in contempt of court. You can also be arrested, charged and sentenced to jail for violating a restraining order, being convicted of serious charges and further extending the time that you are unable to make contact with your loved ones.

With the help of a diligent lawyer, you can seek to get to the root of the matter: the validity of a restraining order. It is important that proper procedure and protocol are followed when you seek to have an order lifted, and throwing caution to the wind by violating an injunction is never the wise path to follow.

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The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger understands your frustration and emotion when you have been subjected to the limitations of a restraining order. Our attorney can work closely with you, seeking to have such an order lifted because it is based on false allegations. We can also offer sage advice and counsel on how you should proceed and situations you should avoid if you are currently under a court order. We are fully committed to protecting your rights and seeking a successful outcome in your case.

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