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Domestic violence is a very serious issue and it can bring a great amount of painful emotion and grief to both victims and alleged perpetrators. If you are convicted of a range of domestic violence charges, you can be sent to jail or prison and your family dynamics can be irrevocably altered. If you are a first-time offender or certain circumstances exist in your case, there exist alternative options under the law to keep you out of jail and to ultimately have domestic violence charges dismissed. For immediate attention on this important matter, help is available from a Tampa domestic violence lawyer.

The state recognizes that some offenders are better served by enlisting in alternative programs rather than spending time filling up the state's jails. As opposed to entering a guilty plea or being found guilty at trial, you may have the option to enter into the Domestic Violence Diversion Program (DVP). This 12 month probationary requirement requires completion of a 26-session batterers' intervention program. An application for such a diversionary program must be made to and accepted by the State Attorney. If the court approves, you will begin the program, and upon its successful completion, charges can be dropped and the records can be sealed.

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Your attorney can play a very important role in seeking out the DVP as a possibility in your case. We at The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger are committed to your needs and to exploring all possible options. We understand that a diversionary program can be a powerful and positive alternative for all involved parties, and should it be an option in your case, our attorney will pursue it diligently.

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