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Before opening a law firm dedicated to criminal defense, I served the State of Florida as an Assistant State Attorney for fifteen years. During that time I was a member of an elite unit that prosecuted major crimes. I developed a reputation as an aggressive but fair prosecutor in the Special Prosecution section of the Major Crimes division.

Criminal Defense Attorney Timothy Hessinger

I have extensive experience handling all types of criminal matters from traffic related offenses, to capital murder. I understand that the ability to dismantle the prosecutor's case only comes from knowing how law enforcement officers and prosecutors build a criminal case.

To be an effective attorney for a criminal defense client you must fully understand the dynamics of the criminal justice system. I have trained prosecutors and law enforcement officers. I have been in charge of traffic court, been a lead trial attorney, and developed a prosecution manual currently used by prosecutors.

I have a complete understanding of the manner in which the State Attorney's Office investigates, charges, and prosecutes criminal offenses. I know how valuable it is to have early intervention by competent defense counsel in all criminal allegations and how important it is to have an attorney that is ready willing and able to challenge the state's case.

Former State Prosecutor

While no attorney can guarantee results, I can pledge to use my experience to evaluate your case, to operate from a position of strength in all discussions with the prosecutor, to present various options and solutions to you, and to give you the best possible results.

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